Portable electromagnetic drill & tapping machine MTM-930A MTM-250
Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & tapping machine MTM-300 MTM-932ADL
Portable electromagnetic drill & tapping machine AE-25S
Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & cutting machine AE-30DL
Portable electromagnetic cutting machine FM-50D FM-50G
Electromagnetic table drilling & tapping machine 930H C-250H 932HDL
Drilling & tapping machine 930A C-250
Battery hoisting magnetic pack LMU-15
Portable magnetic drill table FM-10S
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Synopsis and prospect

The Tsyr Tzun Industrial Co., LTD. (original: Tsyr Tzun Machinery Factory) was set up in 1979 as a manufacturer of Portable Magnetic Drill Table at the beginning. With earnest attitude, the whole team worked hard on studying new engineering technology and researching machinery engineering for years, the first unit of portable magnetic tapping machine came into the world by developing of this team in 1982.

We have increased our experience on design and manufacturing of machinery for about thirty years. In order to satisfy customers on requirements of high quality and high efficiency of working process and also to reduce the cost for requirement of several kinds of cutting for customers, Tsyr Tzun develops a whole new portable magnetic compound cutting machine with drilling, tapping and boring functions.

Tsyr Tzun always keep the consciousness of Honesty, Earnestness and Reality inside the team’s mind, and always offer products with the best quality along with professional service to win customers’ trust and positive feed back we would always keep the consciousness of Creation, Honesty, responsibility and Endless Management inside our mind and to expand our domestic and foreign market with stable steps in the future.